Why Choose Robins Kaplan?

To us, the answer is quite simple. If your case seems dire, difficult, or challenging, then the resources at Robins Kaplan can help to rewrite the odds in your favor. Our team of lawyers, investigators, and medical professionals has a proven ability to prepare a case and a successful strategy to achieve the most favorable possible results.


Many team members have over 20 years experience fighting for justice.



Our team uses a wide range of professional assets to give us an edge.



We apply our experience and resources creatively to generate a winning strategy.

Chris Messerly

“We need to remember that law is a service profession. Not only can we help one person, but we can also help the rest of the world by changing legislation and creating new safety standards.”
- Chris Messerly


Collect Information

We collect basic information about the case so that we can start assessing the right next steps for you.

Follow Up

We’ll let you know if we can pursue your case. If the basics of the case warrant it, we will call you to further vet your case.


If we move forward with your case to the next step, we will do research to validate if there is a case to pursue.

Team Review

The wider team reviews the case. If we decide to move forward, we will sign a retainer and you will become our client.

Personal Injury Cases

Airplane Crashes
Brain Injury
Paralysis and Spinal Cord Injury
Serious Car and Truck Accidents
Wrongful Death
Fire and Explosions