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Our team of legal investigators is committed to the pursuit of truth and justice. Highly-skilled and analytical, our investigators ensure responsible parties are held accountable for their actions. 

Nicholas Adler

Nick Adler is a certified crime scene technician. As part of the certification he is extensively trained in crime scene photography, evidence collection, and evidence preservation. He completed his forensic partnership with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

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Terry H. Becker

Terry Becker joined the firm in 1994. He has experience in the investigation of fires, explosions, collapses, personal injury losses, products liability, financial and personal backgrounds, insurance fraud, and criminal incidents.

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James A. Jadwin

James Jadwin has been with the firm for over fifty years, with forty-eight years serving as an investigator. In this role, he is utilized in personal injury cases, for financial and background searches, and for property and assets searches on individuals and corporations.

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“My passion is fighting for clients seeking justice against more powerful and wealthy interests. As the former chief federal law enforcement officer in South Dakota and in private practice, I have spent my career seeking to rewrite the odds and obtain justice for individuals and their families during the most difficult times of their lives.”
- Brendan V. Johnson